Seeker of knowledge, space science and futurology enthusiast, martial artist, actor, producer, action director and visual effects artist.
To sum up:

Born in Paris, raised in Marseille, of French and Corsican origin.

I've lived and trained in martial arts in China for 10 years, notably at the Shaolin Monastery. I'm married to a lovely Korean. I've died in the action films "Merantau" and "Die Fighting" and was awarded "Breakout Action Star of the Year" at AOF 2014. I've moved to America in 2010, there I've founded my production company Z Team Films alongside my brother and friends. I've produced movies, created the main fight sequences of "Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope", did visual effects for some of the biggest YouTubers, taught screen fighting and got interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

Currently, I am writing an action/sci-fi screenplay, raising money for Z Team Films' next action feature film likely to be shot in the Philippines and working as a producer for Mount Helix Films and the Hollywood Film Academy.

To further my own journey of personal development through martial arts, I've started training in Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I am loving it.

At the top of my bucket list: flying into space!
Coming Soon
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